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Giving Declaration

At Dominion we have a tradition where we declare over our offering before we give. We would like to give you that same opportunity to declare the Word of the Lord over your offering so that your cup can overflow and in turn your local storehouse could overflow into the surrounding area and the world!

We thank you, Father, that as we lift our tithes and offerings to you, we declare: 


“Give, and it shall be given, 

Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.” 


We are believing the Lord for: jobs and better jobs, raises and bonuses, benefits, sales and commissions, favorable settlements, educational systems developed, trade schools, and influencing the influential for the Kingdom of God to advance immeasurably. 


We decree that as we partner with you, we shall see souls saved, families restored, cities in revival, and the nations knowing you! As we give, we declare the deficit of hell and the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven! 


We declare as a body of believers that we will serve you faithfully, not just in words, but in our substance! Our giving will bring misery to the enemy and manifestation to the plans of God! 


We declare that the gospel will be preached, the sick will be healed, and the captives will be set free! As we give to you, oh God, we declare, “Give us the nations as our inheritance!”