Apostolic Governed

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No more church as usual.

We do not believe Gods plan for His Church was to have a one man show mentality.
The only personality we want highlighted is Jesus. This element bring eldership and accountability. It’s healthy. It’s BIBLICAL!

Word Of God Preaching

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The Word of God is alive, powerful, sharper than any two edged sword!

Expect the whole bible to be preached and preached alive in authority... it is the very words of God!

Christ Centered

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He, Jesus is the center of everything we do!

He is the center point of every message.
Apart from Him we can do nothing.

Community Minded

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Everything we do has one hidden agenda that we want to be found.

How can we take our city for the Glory of God!
We are Boots on the ground! We eat behind our four walls
but we serve openly in our community! It’s always on our minds!

Kingdom Mandated

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It’s more than CHURCH! It’s His Kingdom!

It’s talked about, it prayed for, it’s lived out in everything we do!
He’s not just God, He is King of kings and we want to see his kingdom manifested here as in heaven!